Red Stripes

Red Stripes Team Picture

When a group of women wanted to rekindle their love of netball, they enlisted Chris Johnson to run a few sessions for them. After a few months Chris convinced the players that they could compete in the league and the players agreed something more competitive was needed. The team, decided on the name Red Stripes, an ode to the Jamaican Lager, and affiliated to the LD&D League in 2004.

Since then, the club has enjoyed many successful years. Many players have come and gone, but stripes have always been able to attract ladies to come and train and then eventually join the squad. As such, another squad was established and named as Blue Stripes. Throughout our time in the league both squads gradually crept through the divisions as winners or runner–ups, with Red Stripes eventually being promoted to the Premier Division in 2013/14 season.

Red Stripes got to the Plate final, but lost in a close match with the other club team ‘Blue Stripes.’ The teams merged and have seen good Cup runs, reaching the quarter finals and semi finals on more than one occasion.

The Summer League has also bought successes for Stripes. With the number of players associated with the club, Blue Stripes was re-erected to also enter this competition. Red Stripes have reached a semi-final and a final, whereas, Blue Stripes have reached two finals. Losing one and winning won – their opposition in one of the finals – Red Stripes.

Since the forming of Red Stripes, only one original player is still with the club and two players from Blue Stripes. This player, Dotcy Vaughan, captained the side for a few seasons and is still a key player in the squad - she also holds the purse strings as our treasurer. With such a tight grip on finances, we have secured sponsorship in the past from Renault, NGB Data and more recently from Impact Spa and Leisure.

Red Stripes have had a number of training partners in the past, these were: Aldwyk, Halycon, Peverel, Jeffers and Vixens. Sadly, all these teams no longer play in the League.

They continue to train training Monday & Wednesday at CHA April-September 7-8.30pm. rain or shine, all are welcome to join. Call Chris on 07985713109 or email for more details on training or if you would like to arrange any friendly matches.