Adverse Weather Arrangements

Thank you for your understanding regarding the recent weather disruption. Please find below guidance for the rest of the season.

Adverse weather arrangements:
In the event of weather conditions that make travelling difficult (e.g. heavy snow) the committee will make the decision to postpone all games at all venues by 9am. The team contact will receive a text confirming this and it is their responsibility to inform players, umpires and scorers that the game is off.

In the event of unplayable courts (e.g. Ice) a member of the committee will coordinate umpires at each venue, to decide if courts are playable at the start of the game. The umpires decision needs to be unanimous if any games are to go ahead. If 2 courts are playable and 1 is not then all games will need to be rescheduled. We are charged by the hour, not the court, so playing 1 or 2 fixtures and rescheduling a third will double the court costs.

The venue will not salt the courts for us and we feel that this is not the responsibility of players/officials to complete backbreaking and time consuming work to prepare courts. We pay for a facility that should be appropriate and although it is gratefully appreciated that players will help prepare the courts, if we do so, we sign away liability from the venue, which in turn, can affect the insurance of all involved.

We understand that this disruption is inconvenient, but the safety of players and officials is our 1st priority.

The website will update teams of all decisions and follow up with dates for rearranged fixtures. Please refer to the fixtures list for the next available free week when all rescheduled games will be played. The match secretary will also be in touch will all teams effected.